Bart Alaaf
Kunstbart Karneval in Kölle

Once in a year
There´s a weird riot going on!

people all over the land
come to take in hand
to get crazy in a city called Köln

Three guys will hit the town
to be around where the action is


Over the ocean, so risky and stormy
Bounty Beard makes the women linger and horny
to kill with his bloody hook is a pleasure
to cologne he comes to find the treasure!

Captain Bounty-Bart Bartkowski

From his palace in the sand
From the 1000 and one night land
His Harem in need of new ladies
He´s out to get them maybe!

Scheich Al-Ben-Barti

It´s a kind of magic
or a kind of tragic?
this wizard keeps you in motion
but beware of his magic-potion

Magier Magnus-Maiklin der Bartige

Your feet want to move?
your bart wants to grow?
Get into the groove!
And don´t dance too slow!

Get ready for:

: Bart Alaaf ! - Kunstbart-Karneval in Koeln


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© 2000 by Bartreisen