Malle mit Bart

Ladies an Gentlemen, Welcome on board!

We take you on a trip, you will never forget
Mind-blowing action is coming your way

Let me inroduce you to the crew first:

I sure can tell
A man who rocks like hell
Lock up your daugthers
for this
Tequilla slammer and Love hammer

Kevin Czopalla

He´s out to bang his head
at the ballamann
Out of control
Just booze, no soul
Get ready for

Maik Schweigart

Finally a guy who´s really insane
Welcome "the brain"
If looks could kill
You would spill in your panties
Womanizer and Organizer

René Marquart


Also known as the Bart-Boys
Their target: Mallorca

Quit smoking and fasten your seatbelts for

"Malle mit Bart"
( auf Mallorca)

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© 2000 by Bartreisen